Micro Marketing takes pride in servicing the needs of our clients.
We are recognized and appreciated for our devotion and the value we bring to the table. Here are some of the wonderful comments we receive from our thankful customers.


My rep is responsive and doesn’t waste my time. She gets right to the point. I don’t even talk to my other vendors.

— B.F. Librarian, Billerica, MA


My [MicroMarketing] rep is reliable. I know Ill hear from him. I never have to chase him. He’s polite and everything happens quickly and easily. I like that.

— V.C., Librarian, Old


The processing [on our audio books] was perfect, really nice! I didnt have to redo a thing, just put the library stamp on the cases and the CDs and the titles on the shelf. And boy, do I love that the service is free! My board of directors does, too.

— S.S., Library Director, Aurelia, IA

Test 4

Price, great packaging and fast service! We love that the product comes in a durable case, given the money we invest in each title, and that we don’t have to worry about packaging it ourselves.

— H.S., Librarian, Jeannette, PA

Test 5

I’m so impressed with the processing you did for us. We used to have it done by one of the bigger houses. It was sloppy and there were nothing but problems. I couldn’t be more pleased with MicroMarketing, and I’m super fussy. We’ll continue to do business with you.

— V.C., Librarian, Old Saybrook, CT

Test 6

Your selections are excellent. Also we like the returns policy. Our other supplier doesn’t have a returns policy like yours or offer packaging. Even with their superior discount they’re more expensive by the time I buy library cases and process the CDs.

— C.W., Librarian, Derby, CT