The company began as a marketing and research firm in the entertainment business over 35 years ago. At its clients' request, it began selling their products that were being ignored by the big distributors that still dominate our industry today. The movies that were big box office hits were getting all the attention, while specialty and niche programming got virtually no attention. This is true for the publishing industry today and is an area where we excel.
MicroMarketings' idea evolved to being the company that would find the “Diamonds in the Rough” and present them to public libraries that may not have the time or resources to find the titles themselves. MicroMarketing is now an important supplier of not only video, but also books, music, and audio books as well. In addition to its focus on the selection process,
MicroMarketing prides itself in the relationships it has built with its customers, and the personalized customer service it provides. The company offers valuable services to support its sales which include library packaging and lifetime replacements for its audio products, free MARC records and on-line account management allowing its customers to download statements and invoices as well as place advanced orders for upcoming titles.
In 2009, MicroMarketing LLC began rolling out it’s consumer web-site it calls GIVINGREADER.COM designed to offer library patrons a web-based shopping opportunity that donates a portion of their purchase transaction to their local library. The consumer receives tax deduction and a simple way to give back to their community by donating to the library. The library receives purchase credits for product through these contributions. And, MicroMarketing enhances its relationship with its core customers, public libraries. This service is available to all if its customers.
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I like the dialogue I have with my rep. Your order processing and invoicing are first rate. There's never a problem. That's why we continue to buy from MicroMarketing, even though your prices are higher.
D.O., Librarian
Lewisburg, Ohio